Board of Directors

The Child Mind Institute’s Board of Directors includes individuals who have dedicated enormous energy and years of experience to the cause of child mental health. They have backgrounds in business, the arts, activism, policy and education. Our Board of Directors ensures that the Child Mind Institute makes significant and steady progress in its mission.

Joseph Healey, Co-Chair
Ram Sundaram, Co-Chair
Devon Briger, Vice Chair

Arthur G. Altschul Jr.
Megan Jones Bell
Gunjan Bhow
Phyllis Green & Randolph Cōwen
Mark Dowley
Elizabeth & Michael Fascitelli
Margaret Grieve
Jonathan Harris
Ellen & Howard Katz
Preethi Krishna
Christine & Richard Mack
Anne Welsh McNulty
Guy Metcalfe
Julie Minskoff
Brooke Garber Neidich, Co-Founder
Daniel Neidich
Zibby Owens
Debra G. Perelman, Co-Founder
Josh Resnick
Linnea Roberts
Jane Rosenthal
Jordan Schaps
Linda Schaps
David Shapiro
Ehren Stenzler
Emma Stone