Jacob Stroud

Research Assistant, Autism Center

Child Mind Institute

Stroud Jacob CMI



Tanya Seth, Staff Associate


Jacob Stroud is a research assistant at the Autism Center of the Child Mind Institute. In this role Jacob is responsible for recruitment, data collection and analysis in ongoing stuides aimed to understand the neurological underpinnings of . autism and related conditions. Mr. Stroud graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. During his undergrad, he completed a 6-month cooperative education experience at the Center for the Developing Brain at the Child Mind Institute. It was during this time that he developed an interest in the intersection between functional connectivity, neuroimaging, and the physiological basis of mental disorders. His current research interests continue in this same vein, trying to understand the neural mechanisms underlying and differentiating Autism and ADHD.


  • BS, Behavioral Neuroscience, Northeastern University.