Najé James

Participant Navigator, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute

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Najé James is a participant navigator for the Healthy Brain Network. She is responsible for scheduling appointments, collecting data and ensuring positive experiences for study participants and their families. Najé received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, summa cum laude, from the Pennsylvania State University. As an undergraduate she worked on several research projects, presenting personal research at a university and a national conference.

Najé also has volunteered as a co-investigator for a pilot study at Weill Cornell Medicine and has served as a volunteer teacher’s assistant for the Emotional Support Room at the Schuylkill Haven Elementary School, gaining experience working with children with ODD and other disorders. She is passionate about understanding child development and family influence, and is particularly interested in investigating how absentee black fathers influence the

mental and behavioral state of young black women. Najé plans to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.


  • BS, Psychology, Penn State University