Regina Sullivan, PhD

Emeritus Member, Scientific Research Council

Child Mind Institute

Research Scientist, The Emotional Brain Institute

Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Research Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

NYU School of Medicine

Regina Sullivan, PhD

Regina Sullivan, PhD, is a widely respected research scientist whose groundbreaking studies show how early experiences can affect the developing brains of children. Her research has demonstrated that early childhood trauma can alter the structure and functioning of the amygdala, the area of the brain that controls emotional regulation and learning, and her most recent work highlights the importance of a caregiver’s presence in determining how the infant brain processes trauma. Among her most intriguing findings is that parenting practices may ameliorate the effects of trauma on the developing brain. Dr. Sullivan lectures widely and has published articles in numerous books, peer-reviewed journals and professional publications.


  • University of Oklahoma, Presidential Professorship
  • Society of Neuroscience Oklahoma Chapter, President of the Society of Neuroscience Oklahoma Chapter, 2008
  • International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, President of the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, 2007
  • Sigma Xi, Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, 1997


  • University of California at Irvine, Post-doctorate Fellowship in Biopsychology, 1988
  • Duke University, Post-doctorate Fellowship in Psychology, 1984
  • City University of New York, PhD in Biopsychology, 1983
  • Brooklyn College, BS in Experimental Psychology, 1977