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Back to School with Live Facebook Talks

September 20, 2012

Whether kids are in kindergarten or away at college, it’s important that parents have all the knowledge and resources they can get to help guide their children as they grow and develop.

To help prepare parents, we hosted a live event today on Facebook called “A Parent’s Guide to Bullying” with Dr. Jamie Howard. The talk included tips on what might put your child at risk for being bullied or bullying others, warning signs that your child might be getting bullied, and what parents can do to stop bullying and cyberbullying. The talk included a Q&A segment at the end, giving parents and teachers the opportunity to write in about their particular obstacles.

On Monday, September 17th we also hosted a live Facebook talk called “Is it Depression or Teen Angst?” with Dr. Natalie Weder. As parents of high school students know, it can be hard to tell what is normal teenage moodiness and what might be something more serious. In this talk Dr. Weder discusses the warning signs of adolescent depression, risks associated with depression, how parents and schools might be able to help, and what treatment options are available.

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