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Candice King Opens Up About Therapy and Overcoming Anxiety

May 25, 2023

“I have found that I’ve met different therapists in my life that have come at the right time… And so I go around to each therapist that I meet, and I collect different tools.”

Candice King

For May Mental Health Awareness Month, sixth-grader Maddie and The Vampire Diaries star Candice King discuss anxiety, the pressures of growing up, and the importance of therapy. Candice shares her own experiences of feeling lonely, struggling to fit in, and finding solace in music and writing. She emphasizes the significance of finding the right therapist and building a trusting relationship. The two also reflect on the impact of social media on one’s self esteem. Overall, their conversation highlights the message that no one is alone in their struggles and that seeking help is a valuable step towards navigating the challenges of growing up.

About the You Got This Campaign

Battling mental health issues can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming. The You Got This campaign strives to assure you that you’re never alone. Celebrities and influencers share their stories and provide tips on how they got through the hardships of both their past and present, reinforcing the empowering message that while things may be hard now, #YouGotThis.

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About Candice King

Candice King is a talented actress and musician whose beauty is more than skin deep. An accomplished singer and songwriter since the age of 14, she is best known to audiences from The CW’s smash hit, The Vampire Diaries and its successful spinoff, The Originals, as “Caroline Forbes.” King has racked up seven Teen Choice nominations and two wins for her role on the show.

She has had roles on Supernatural, Greek, and the CBS hit show, How I Met Your Mother. She also starred in the independent films, The Truth About Angels and Deadgirl. Both were met with critical attention and internet buzz at the Toronto Film Festival. Currently, Candice is producing and hosting a new personal podcast called A Superbloom.

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