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Confident Parenting, Resilient Kids: Our 2023 Spring Luncheon Recap

May 18, 2023

On Monday, May 15, the Child Mind Institute hosted an exciting 2023 Spring Luncheon in New York City. The event, attended by hundreds, featured nationally renowned parenting expert Dr. Becky Kennedy in conversation with Dr. Dave Anderson, Vice President of School and Community Programs and Senior Psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. They discussed how parents can gain confidence and raise resilient children. Their lively conversation about parenting and child and adolescent mental health was moderated by the talented Ali Wentworth.

Ali Wentworth, Dave Anderson, PhD, and Dr. Becky Kennedy

The experts discussed a variety of modern parenting topics, including how to connect with your children and encourage open dialogue, how to stay honest with kids — even when they ask tough questions — and how to support children through difficult emotions. When a parent sees a child struggling emotionally, Dr. Becky suggested sitting with them on what she calls “The Feeling Bench” in her book, Good Inside: A Practical Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. “It is always easier to cope when you have someone sitting next to you,” she said, including three things parents can say to support children while validating their emotions:

  1. “I’m so glad you’re talking to me about this.”
  2. “I believe you.” (Which she called “the ultimate confidence-building line.”)
  3. “Tell me more.”

She added that these lines express to your child: “I can tolerate a version of you that’s struggling. I like that person. I don’t need to make you better; I don’t need to invalidate what you’re saying. I like you.” This was just one of the many tips the experts shared that clearly resonated with the audience. They emphasized the importance of encouraging your kids to express themselves, trust their emotions, and continue coming to you with their feelings and questions.

We are grateful to all donors and attendees, including talk show host Tamron Hall, who gave the Child Mind Institute a heartfelt shoutout at the end of the Tamron Hall Show the following day.

You can read the full press release for the luncheon here. The 2023 Spring Luncheon provided parenting advice and raised funds for the children and families we serve at a critical time in children’s mental health. If you found this information helpful, there’s still time to support the luncheon and help us expand our crucial work.

If you would like to speak to someone about your donation, please contact Vivian Jung. Thanks again to everyone who organized, attended, and supported the event. Together, we are transforming children’s lives.

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