How about those Mets? We recently learned that the team with centerfielder and ADHD role model Andres Torres is considering adding a quiet section in the stands at Citi Field for kids with autism and their families. The Mets first began shopping the idea in an email survey, describing the area as a “designated quiet seating section with lower volume PA announcements and no music or cheerleading.”

Many people on the autism spectrum have sensory processing issues, making them especially sensitive to loud noises and other kinds of overstimulation that are common in most live entertainment. Citi Field is the first ballpark we’ve heard of offering special seating arrangements, although other teams including the Mets are already hosting Autism Awareness days.

If the team moves forward with their plans they’ll be joining Broadway and AMC Theatres, who are already offering special performances designed for audiences with sensory processing issues. To learn more about these shows, check out our first person account from one mom who attended a special autism-friendly performance of the Lion King on Broadway with her kids.