Child Mind Institute 2018 Spring Luncheon

12:00 pm – Reception
12:30 pm – Lunch & Panel Discussion

Raising Strong and Empathetic Kids: Nurturing Healthy Relationships and Boundaries at Every Age

Please join us Wednesday, May 16, for the annual Child Mind Institute Spring Luncheon.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

12:00 pm EST

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583 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


David Anderson, PhD
David Anderson, PhD

Vice President, School and Community Programs

Child Mind Institute

Jamie M. Howard, PhD
Jamie Howard, PhD

Senior Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Disorders Center; Director, Trauma and Resilience Service

Child Mind Institute

Ali Wentworth (moderator)

Actress, comedian, author, producer and mother

Event Description

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The ways our children are expected to act in the world and interact with peers are swiftly changing, even as the influences that vie for their attention multiply. How do you explain consent to your 7-year-old? How do we help children learn how to set boundaries with themselves and other people? How do we teach our children what’s right and wrong, when it often seems like all is permitted on the Internet? What does my child need to know now? One thing hasn’t changed: parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life (even during adolescence), and their values are important to kids — even when it doesn’t seem like it. In this panel discussion, child behavior and developmental experts discuss how parents can raise empathetic children who know how to set boundaries with themselves and other people, at every age.

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Starrette at or call 646.625.4343.

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