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Girls' Mental Health Challenges

March 12, 2024

To honor Women’s History Month, we want to offer support for girls, who continue to face specific challenges that undermine their emotional wellbeing. During adolescence, girls are already at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression than boys. And to add insult to injury, the pressures of social media often have a negative impact on their self-esteem — leading to a sharp increase in young women reporting alarming levels of unhappiness.

This week at, we also take a look at how girls are affected by two disorders that have always been thought to be more prevalent in boys — autism and ADHD. Experts now believe they affect girls in equal numbers, but girls aren’t getting diagnosed because their behavior is a little different from the stereotype of boys with ADHD and autism. That means they struggle without support that could make a big difference in their lives. And finally we discuss why girls often feel the need to apologize — and how to help them build the healthy self-esteem and confidence that will allow them to grow into strong, resilient women.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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