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Resources to Help Kids Thrive

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Helping Kids Make Friends

January 16, 2024

Making friends is one of the more challenging — and more rewarding — parts of growing up. Kids’ friendships can be volatile because they are still figuring out who they are, but learning how to navigate them with confidence and compassion builds skills that last a lifetime. As a parent, it can be painful to see your kid be lonely or feel left out, but encouraging and fostering these skills can help them connect.

This week, we’re rounding up resources on making and maintaining healthy friendships — whether you have a preschooler who is reluctant to play with other children or a military kid trying to make new friends after a big move. We explore how to tell when children might have a social anxiety disorder, or just need a little help putting themselves out there. We also have tips on helping kids deal with conflict because knowing how to handle anger and hurt feelings makes for better bonds. As kids get older, they are likely to turn to good friends when they’re struggling. So, we also have tips for teens on how to support a friend who opens up about their mental health challenges.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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