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Resources to Help Kids Thrive

This newsletter contains a weekly update of content from featuring parenting advice, in-depth articles, and the latest thinking on children’s mental health and learning disorders.

Learning Disorders and Depression

January 2, 2024

Research shows that children with learning disorders are at higher risk for developing depression than other children. This risk increases as they get older and the pressures of school take a mounting toll on their self-esteem — suggesting that emotional support is just as important to a child’s overall success as support for learning.

This week we’re offering a new piece on LDs and depression and rounding up other resources on how to identify and support kids with emotional challenges in the classroom. The school environment is rife with academic and social stressors, but anxiety disorders aren’t always easy to spot. Some kids act out or complain of persistent headaches or stomach aches. Others feel too anxious to go to school at all. Kids may be struggling in the classroom because of chronic trauma, or the stress of suppressing OCD compulsions. But with the right support, they can learn to manage negative emotions that interfere with learning.

– Molly Hagan, Staff Writer | 

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