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The ADHD Medication Shortage

October 3, 2023

It’s disappointing and so frustrating for many families to be starting another school year scrambling to find the ADHD medication their kids need. But the shortage drags on. With that in mind, we’re passing along strategies you may find helpful to track down the specific medication that’s worked best for your child, or to find the formulation that’s closest to it.

Drs. Andrew Adesman and Anna Krevskaya, ADHD experts at Northwell Health, have laid out detailed suggestions in an article for Attention magazine, which the magazine has graciously agreed to share with They offer advice on how to approach pharmacies and even manufacturers of ADHD medications, as well as an excellent chart that breaks down ADHD medications by type and formulation (liquid, crushable, chewable, sprinkles, etc.) to find a different one that can meet your child’s needs. This week we also look at why kids with ADHD act outwhat’s different about the ADHD brain, and tips for parents who have ADHD along with their kids.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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