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Tips for Communicating With Kids

April 11, 2023

“Why won’t they just listen?” Whether you’re dealing with a toddler who won’t clean up their toys or a teen who’s giving you the silent treatment, communicating with kids can be tough. And even though we all know that yelling rarely helps, it’s hard to keep your cool during frustrating conversations — especially when your child is getting worked up too.

This week on childmind.org, we round up resources on communicating effectively with kids of any age. We have strategies for talking to toddlers in ways they can understand and giving instructions that kids will actually follow. We also have tips for keeping the lines of communication open with teens while still respecting their independence. Plus, an overview of auditory processing disorder, which can make it look like kids aren’t listening when really they’re struggling to process what they hear.

– Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Managing Editor | 

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