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Why Kids Lie — and What to Do About It

May 1, 2024

We hate to hear our children lie, whether it’s 4-year-olds denying that they ate the cookie (despite crumbs all over their face) or teenagers fabricating a story to dodge getting grounded. Honesty is a value we prize, so we want to respond in a way that will encourage kids to tell the truth, even when it might be painful.

This week at, we explore the reasons why kids lie. Some are obvious — trying to avoid punishment or get something they want — and some are less so, like craving attention, trying to spare someone’s feelings, or just wanting to see what happens. We look at strategies for responding effectively to different kinds of lies so it’s less likely a child will resort to bending the truth in the future. We also round up other articles about common behavior issues, including respecting boundariestelling on other kids, and bullying. And, of course, the larger goal is to help kids develop their judgment, so we offer pointers on how to help kids learn to make good decisions.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director | 

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