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US immigration and child separation policy continues to spark backlash

June 21, 2018

Dr. Jamie Howard appeared across ABC News’ digital platforms today to discuss the trauma of family separation at the border.

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New warnings about video game addiction

June 19, 2018

Dr. Dave Anderson on Good Morning America discussing video game addiction with Deborah Roberts and Michael Strahan.

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#MyYoungerSelf Media Coverage

May 3, 2018

A roundup of media coverage from the #MyYoungerSelf campaign.


Child Mind Institute on Good Morning America: Raising Strong Women

Child Mind Institute clinicians participated in ABC’s 3-part, 3-city series, “Raising Strong Women,” a look at how our daughters are responding to the #MeToo movement.

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Is Your Teenager Depressed? Important Annual Screening Tool Identified

March 15, 2018

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) yesterday endorsed updated guidelines that will assist pediatricians and other primary care providers in providing better care for teens at risk for depression.

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New guidelines urge doctors to screen for depression in teens

March 15, 2018

With as many as 2 out of 3 teens never getting the treatment they need for depression, The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging doctors to screen kids 12 and over at their annual checkups.

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These Heroes Are Making a Huge Difference for Children With Mental Health Disorders

March 15, 2018

Get inspired and vote for the person you think is doing the most to support kids with mental health and learning disorders in the Child Mind Institute's Change Maker Awards.

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Talking With Kids About School Violence and Trauma

March 8, 2018

Trauma specialist Dr. Jamie Howard from @ChildMindDotOrg says the way we talk about violence and tragedy should change depending on the age of the child we’re talking with. Hear her advice on the latest episode of the Scholastic Reads podcast

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How to Help Your Child Deal With Fears

February 13, 2018

It’s common for kids to get frightened or worried sometimes. But simple measures can help them cope. Rachel Busman, PsyD a senior clinical psychologist and director of the Selective Mutism Service at the Child Mind Institute provides concrete tips that will help parents and children face fears.

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The effects of smartphones on children

January 16, 2018

"How long should you wait to give your child a smartphone? Jerry Bubrick, senior director of the Anxiety Disorders Center and director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Service at the Child Mind Institute, joins CBSN to discuss the effects of smartphones and social media on children.”

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