Adam Katz Memorial Conversation

Adam Katz Conversation 2016

The Adam Katz Memorial Conversation is an annual discussion with a notable and accomplished person about how she succeeded with a mental health or learning disorder. Adam was an intelligent, handsome and charismatic individual who struggled with dyslexia and ADHD throughout his life. He died in 2002, leaving behind a loving family. This program was created by the Katz family as a living memorial to Adam and to increase awareness about mental health and learning disorders.

This year’s conversation is with investor and philanthropist Chuck Schwab. Click here to watch live on Facebook at 1PM EST, March 13, 2019.

Past honorees include Lindsey Stirling (musician), Whoopi Goldberg (actress, comedian), Lorraine Bracco (actress, author), Naomi Judd (singer, author), Brian Grazer (producer, co-founder, Imagine Entertainment), Trudie Styler (actress, producer, and director), Orlando Bloom (actor), Ari Emanuel (CEO, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment), Paul Orfalea (founder, Kinko’s), Chuck Close (artist), Governor Gaston Caperton (past president, College Board), and Barbara Corcoran (founder, Corcoran Real Estate Group).

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