Speak Up for Kids

Through our Speak Up for Kids campaign and other education and outreach initiatives, we are spreading the word: Childhood mental health and learning disorders are real, common and treatable.

Speak Up for Kids is the Child Mind Institute’s annual public education campaign promoting awareness of children’s mental health issues and providing needed information to families, educators, the media and policymakers. The goal: empower communities to speak up for kids. Now in its seventh year, the Speak Up for Kids campaign includes public information, awareness and advocacy events held throughout the month of May, National Mental Health Awareness Month. Two high-impact programs anchor Speak Up for Kids: the Child Mind Institute Change Maker Awards ceremony in early May and the #MyYoungerSelf celebrity storytelling and anti-stigma drive throughout the month.

  • The Change Maker Awards recognize those who are making real change in children’s mental health. Awards are given to outstanding nonprofit organizations, socially responsible corporate leaders and other individuals, including “Champions” and “Local Heroes” who are making a difference in their communities.
  • #MyYoungerSelf campaign will unveil a video by a prominent individual speaking to his or her younger self about growing up with a mental health or learning disorder each day in May. Help us Speak Up for Kids by sharing these stories!

Watch highlights from the 2019 Change Maker Awards:


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