Speak Up for Kids

Through our Speak Up for Kids campaign and other education and outreach initiatives we are spreading the word: childhood mental health and learning disorders are real, common and treatable.

Speak Up for Kids is the Child Mind Institute’s signature public education campaign to promote children’s mental health and provide accurate information to families, educators, the media, policymakers, and community leaders — empowering them to speak up for kids. Now in its sixth year, the annual campaign centers around a number of public information, awareness and advocacy events held throughout the month of May, marking observance of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Programming varies from year to year, but two high-impact events anchor the month-long campaign: celebration of the Child Mind Institute Change Maker Awards in early May and release of the Child Mind Institute’s annual Children’s Mental Health Report at the end of May.

  • The Children’s Mental Health Report brings together thought-provoking, incisive and practical information on child and adolescent mental health care, based on reliable studies and emerging research. Each year the Report focuses on a different line of inquiry, from the prevalence of mental health disorders to their effects in school to the science of the developing brain. Learn more at childmind.org/report.
  • The Change Maker Awards recognize those who are making real change in children’s mental health. Awards are given to outstanding nonprofit organizations, socially responsible corporate leaders and other individuals, including “Champions” and “Local Heroes” who are making a difference in their communities. Learn more at childmind.org/changemakers.

Watch Highlights from the 2016 Change Maker Awards:


Watch Highlights from the 2015 Change Maker Awards: