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Parents Guide to Getting Good Care

We take you through the steps to finding the best professional (or team) for your child

Accelerating Discovery

Our research is unlocking the secrets of the developing brain and changing the way we diagnose and treat mental health and learning disorders.

Delivering Care

Our clinical teams work every day to deliver the highest standards of care, and we partner with families and schools to provide support when and where children need it most.

Empowering Change

Our free resources, educational events and awareness campaigns empower parents and teachers to help our children succeed in school and in life.


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Best Children’s Books About Mental Health Media and Tech

Best Children’s Books About Mental Health

These books help kids understand emotional and learning challenges

CBD: What Parents Need to Know Medication

CBD: What Parents Need to Know

Parents are giving it to kids to help them focus, sleep, calm down. But there are risks, and little research to support safety or effectiveness

Helping Children With Autism Learn to Communicate Autism Spectrum Disorder

Helping Children With Autism Learn to Communicate

Functional communication training can reduce self-injury and other problem behaviors


Ask an Expert

I think my daughter, a college student, is depressed, but she says she’s fine. What do you recommend?

Jill Emanuele, PhD


Children’s Mental Health Report: Understanding Anxiety

Our 2018 Children’s Mental Health Report takes a look at how widespread these disorders are, how they develop, and the risks of untreated anxiety.

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Summary, or Talking to Teens Supplement


Symptom Checker

A free resource for concerned parents, created by clinical experts

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