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Yankee Fans Speak Up

May 17, 2014

My 7-year-old daughter, Bianca Luz, let out a holler of joy (and a feisty dance number) before I could confirm with a wink, “So … you’re sure you’re happy to work with the Yankees?”

What Bianca didn’t know was that while she was dancing around, I had let out an internal, “Whew.” Initially I had had a slight case of nerves as I prepared to tell her that she had been chosen by the Child Mind Institute to appear in a video PSA with her favorite baseball team. I had all confidence—as did her therapist, Dr. Jill Emanuele, who recommended her—that she was a natural in front of the camera. But I was mildly concerned about some of the issues that had brought us originally to Child Mind, over a year ago. Thankfully, I need not have been worried.

When this Manhattan-born mother-daughter team ended up on the field, in glorious weather, Bianca was more than ready. She’d been practicing her lines—and everyone else’s as well-for two days, pleading to “run” script even while she was in the tub and on the way to school. It was such a joy to see her pride in being chosen to represent all children who need help to better their mental health.

And then of course, there was the excitement of meeting the team. David Robertson was the first up and he charmed Bianca easily into what was to be the start of several giant smiles on her face that day. A fellow left-hander, Bianca took notes as she watched CC Sabathia warm up before he grinned for the cameras. Manager Joe Girardi also joined us, and of course, Derek Jeter, who introduced himself like a new friend, asking the kids questions, even shielding them from the sun between takes.

What we all shared that amazing day is the belief that kids need help when it comes to their mental health and that as adults and parents, we must not only give them that help but spread the word to help others. We proudly speak up for kids. Will you?

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