2017 Change Maker Awards

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The Child Mind Institute’s Change Maker Awards celebrate individuals and organizations making real change in the lives of children who struggle with mental health and learning disorders. We invite you to learn more about our 2015 and 2016 Change Makers — and to nominate one of your local heroes to be recognized as a 2017 Change Maker.

Local Heroes are individuals or organizations seeking to raise awareness and dispel stigma, helping children and families directly, or working to transform the way we understand and treat mental health  and learning disorders.

Nominations will be accepted now through February 26.

Voting begins March 13.

Nominate Your Local Hero by February 26, 2017

Fill in the form below. We’re currently crowd-sourcing nominations for the Local Hero Award. Submit your nomination before Sunday, February 26, 2017, then join us for voting in March! We’ll celebrate all our heroes — the Local Hero who wins the vote as well as the honorable mentions — at the 2017 Change Maker Awards in New York City  in May.

Nominate a Local Hero

Honoring an individual or organization making real change. A Local Hero might work directly with children and families to help those who struggle with mental health or learning disorders, or a Local Hero might engage with the broader community to raise awareness, dispel stigma, and change the way childhood mental health and learning disorders are understood and treated. Tell us about your favorite Local Hero!

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Nominate your hero for our 2017 Change Maker Awards

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