Behavior Basics

Behavior issues are a common problem for many families. Understanding what’s behind a child’s behavior is often the first step to helping.

Toddlers and Young Children

Young children naturally begin to act out as they become more independent. Setting consistent limits early makes good behavior more likely in the future.

Managing Big Emotions

Sometimes kids struggle with their behavior because they get carried away by strong feelings like anger or frustration.

Behavior and School

Behavior problems are common for kids in school, even if they don’t struggle with their behavior at home. School-specific behavior management strategies can help.

Strategies for Managing Behavior

Techniques from child behavior experts that parents can use at home, from the most effective way to do a time out to tips for giving kids praise.

Mental Health and Problem Behavior

Extreme problem behavior can be a mental health disorder, or the result of an underlying disorder. Here are some disorders that are associated with disruptive behavior, including ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiant disorder.

Treatment for Problem Behavior

Parent training programs are the best treatment for problem behavior. Sometimes medication is also used to treat more serious behavior problems.