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Do Kids Grow Out of Learning Disorders?

October 17, 2023

When your child is diagnosed with a learning disorder, it’s natural to worry. What will their future look like? How will this affect their ability to get into a good college? Could they grow out of it? Although learning disorders are lifelong, they can become much easier to manage as kids get older and receive the right support. The key is to understand your child’s specific challenges, focus on their strengths, and help them get the tools they need to thrive.

This week at, we’re providing guidance on how learning disorders (LDs) affect kids at different ages, and how you can help your child manage them. We also explain why it’s important that kids feel comfortable talking about their learning challenges, and how building an education team for them can make all the difference in school. Even with academic support, navigating learning disorders can be taxing and kids might start to lose confidence in themselves. We’ve included some helpful tips on how your child can get the emotional support they need. And finally, we discuss how preparation for college might look different for kids with dyslexia.

– Faith Wilkins, Staff Writer | 

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