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Resources to Help Kids Thrive

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids and Teens

June 4, 2024

June is Pride month, a time to celebrate and amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community. But while society has made great strides toward acceptance, LGBTQ+ kids and teens are still at a high risk of facing bullying, harassment, and discrimination — which can often lead to mental health challenges.

That’s why this week at, we’re rounding up resources on how to support LGBTQ+ children and teens. We cover the risk factors, prevention strategies, and how parents can help. And we provide guidance on how to help your child if they’re currently in the process of exploring their gender identity and sexuality. Additionally, we discuss ways to engage in an open and empathetic conversation with your child if they’ve expressed to you that they’re transgender. We also offer first-hand stories and advice from parents whose children have transitioned.

– Faith Wilkins, Staff Writer | 

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