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The Challenges of Parenting Tweens

June 25, 2024

One day your kid wants you to tuck them into bed and the next, they’re obsessed with their skincare routine and fancy perfumes. For parents, the tween years — from 9 to 12 years old — have their particular challenges, especially those that come with the physical and emotional roller coaster of puberty.

This week at we tackle what’s going on with these kids and some of the common issues that parents of tweens confront. They’re pressuring you to have access to social media, but are they mature enough to handle it? And how involved should you be? While some kids nervously anticipate puberty, others are caught off guard by the radical changes that often come along with it. Kids today are more likely to start puberty earlier, before the age of 8 or 9, which can have effects on their mental health. And some tweens get curious about sex, which means they can find their way to online porn; we have expert advice on how to have a conversation with them if they do. As your child navigates this significant time of transition, we give you the tools to strengthen your relationship while helping them safely gain their independence.

– Michelle Shih, Managing Editor | 

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