#MyYoungerSelf for Educators

Tools for educators to encourage classroom dialogue around child and adolescent mental health and learning disorders. The #MyYoungerSelf campaign and this toolkit are appropriate for students in middle school and above.

As part of our mission to decrease stigma and fear surrounding mental health and learning disorders, the Child Mind Institute asked more than 30 prominent people — from actors to athletes to business leaders — to make videos sharing their personal experiences about growing up with these challenges.

Participants in the campaign – titled #MyYoungerSelf – talked candidly about their struggles and offered support and empathy to young people coping with mental health and learning disorders today. Personal stories from Emma Stone, Michael Phelps, Jesse Eisenberg and many more offer positive messages about the importance of getting help.

We offer these videos to educators as teaching opportunities, to help children and adolescents understand how many successful people have wrestled with these problems and gone on to achieve great things. The #MyYoungerSelf Educator toolkit contains information to explain each of the disorders discussed in the videos, from anxiety and depression to eating disorders, and suggested questions for each topic that can be used to prompt discussion among students.