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Breaking Down Barriers

Brady’s Story

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A young man learns to manage his anxiety and intrusive thoughts through expert care supported by financial aid at the Child Mind Institute.

Donate today to support the Child Mind Institute’s efforts to improve the mental health of children and families through care, education and science.

Meet Brady

Brady experienced anxiety from the time that he was a baby; when he was 10, his parents Julie and Mark noticed that his irrational fears were getting worse.

“I was afraid of sharp objects, because I was worried I would stab myself. It was honestly terrifying,” says Brady, now 14.

Brady and his family visited a half dozen doctors in their state. “The last person, who was meant to be the best in our area, told us that Brady was beyond her capability,” recalls Mark.


Finding Expert Care

“It Was Lifesaving”

When Brady was 12, the family traveled to New York so he could receive intensive, evidence-based treatment from Dr. Jerry Bubrick, an expert in anxiety and OCD at the Child Mind Institute. The cost of their treatment was subsidized by our financial aid fund.

“Overall, everything was just better after working with Dr. Bubrick. I have not had any suicidal thoughts since,” says Brady. “My anxiety is still there, but it is so much better! I really can’t thank the Child Mind Institute enough.”

Today, Brady is enjoying life as a high school freshman. He and his family are grateful they got the help they needed, so Brady can focus on being a teenager again.

“We couldn’t have done it without the financial aid we received. It was lifesaving for Brady and for our family,” says Julie.

Combatting Common Barriers to Care

Like Brady and his parents, millions of families across the country desperately need mental health care but cannot access it. A shocking 70% of US counties have no child and adolescent psychiatrist, and the cost of care is often prohibitive.

To address these barriers, the Child Mind Institute has developed a financial aid program that has awarded more than $7.8 million dollars to offset the cost of treatment and associated travel and accommodation expenses for families with urgent needs.

Additionally, to bring care to more people, the Child Mind Institute continued offering telehealth services for the second year, alongside in-person care at our clinical centers in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.

To Reach More Young People Like Brady, We Need Your Help 

As a nonprofit, we rely on the support of individuals who share our belief that no child with a mental health or learning disorder should have to struggle alone. Donate today to support the Child Mind Institute’s efforts to improve the mental health of children and families through care, education and science.

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