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Breaking Down Barriers

One Family's Journey to Diagnosis and Care


For Trudy, the Healthy Brain Network study provided a pathway out of tension and tantrums at home by helping her manage her daughter’s mental health through diagnosis, support and medication.

Donate today to support the Child Mind Institute’s efforts to improve the mental health of children and families through care, education and science.

Meet Trudy, Elliot and Sydney

Before finding the Healthy Brain Network study, Trudy was struggling with her daughters, Elliot, 10, and Sydney, 12.

“Elliot was having severe tantrums whenever she was told no or asked to do something she didn’t want to do. I’m a teacher, but I still didn’t know how to parent her. Even with the support of therapists, we weren’t finding solutions,” says Trudy.

The tension at home was also affecting Sydney. It was recommended that Trudy have Elliot evaluated, but with neuropsychological evaluations typically starting at $5000, the family was “in a really tight spot.” At a friend’s suggestion, Trudy enrolled Sydney and Elliot in the Healthy Brain Network, which provides comprehensive mental health and learning evaluations.


A Pathway to Diagnosis, Support and Medication

“It Was Such a Gift”

Through the study, Elliot was diagnosed with ADHD, a mood disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. Trudy used Elliot’s evaluation to secure accommodations at school. She also took the findings to the family’s pediatrician, who gave Elliot a prescription that has made “a big difference.”

“We still have tough days, but relative to where we started it’s a world of difference. We would have put pennies together to make things happen if we had to, but the study was such a gift. It’s providing something that’s just not accessible to the general population,” says Trudy.

Healthy Brain Network Study Impact

Elliot and Sydney are among the over 5,210 children who have enrolled in the study to receive free, comprehensive evaluations, which are often the first step toward diagnosis and treatment.

To date, 48% of participants identify as non-white and up to 20% live close to or below the poverty line. We are proud to benefit underserved populations, while gathering data that can improve our understanding of mental health among diverse communities who have been historically underrepresented in research.

Healthy Brain Network data is being shared freely across the scientific community, in order to accelerate biomarker discovery for child and adolescent mental health and contribute to breakthroughs across disciplines.


10 Years of Science at the Child Mind Institute

In just a decade, our science program has become the global leader in brain imaging research for children’s mental health. We are developing innovative technologies such as mobile apps and wearable devices to extend mental health care beyond the clinic. Our science team has generated more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and made the equivalent of more than $1 billion in data available to all. Two of our senior scientists are in the top 0.1% of researchers based on citations.

To Develop the Tools and Treatments of Tomorrow, We Need Your Help

As a nonprofit, we rely on the support of individuals who share our belief that no child with a mental health or learning disorder should have to struggle alone. Donate today to support the Child Mind Institute’s efforts to improve the mental health of children and families through care, education and science.

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