Keeping the Home Environment Safe

The hospital probably didn’t give you guidance on how much supervision your child will need upon returning home. Things you will want to discuss with your partner and your child’s treatment team include:

  • How long can your child be left alone?
  • How quickly can she resume normal activities?
  • Are visits to friends’ houses okay? (It may be better to arrange all visits at your house at first.)
  • How do we transition back to previous levels of independence?

You may chafe as much as your child does at the amount of supervision required. You will need to trade off care with your partner or get trusted friends or family to provide some respite. Much as you may yearn for a weekend getaway, it’s not a good idea while you are still gauging how stable your child is.

The fact that reentry feels endless doesn’t make it endless. You can get through this if you pace yourself, figure out how to process your own feelings and reach out to your child’s treatment team for help.