If your child has unusual difficulty getting organized, remembering things, doing homework, and finishing projects, he may have executive function issues. Executive functions are cognitive skills we all use to analyze tasks, break them into steps, and keep them in mind until we get things done. These skills allow us to manage our time effectively, memorize facts, understand what we read, solve multi-step problems, and organize our thoughts in writing. Here’s a collection of our most popular articles on executive function problems in children and what you can do to help.


  • Everything Parents Need to Know About Executive Functioning

    Join us for a parent workshop with Matthew Pagirsky, PsyD, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Child Mind Institute, designed to help parents better understand their child's executive functioning.
    We'll review various aspects of executive functioning, including how it develops over a child's lifespan and its impact on their learning. We'll also discuss what parents can do to bolster these skills at home and in school. Additionally, parents will take away which programs have the strongest evidence-base to best support their child's executive functioning development.
    Light refreshments, including wine and cheese, will be provided. For questions about the workshop, please email clinicalevents@childmind.org.

    Thursday, Jan 9, 2020

    6:00 pm est

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