Autism Center

The Autism Center at the Child Mind Institute is an integrated research lab focused on understanding the neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using brain imaging and a range of other clinical and cognitive approaches. A specific goal of the center is detecting autism-related differences in brain connectivity that emerge in early childhood, with the goal of identifying objective biological markers that can one day be used to improve early intervention efforts and the selection of treatments.

The Autism Center is led by is the founding research director Adriana Di Martino, MD. Dr. Di Martino’s research explores autism-related differences in brain connectivity for use as biomarkers and seeks to clarify the neural bases of co-occurring conditions such as ADHD. Dr. Di Martino is an internationally recognized leader in the field and the founder of the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE), a data-sharing initiative responsible for more than a publication per month. Dr. Di Martino has received honors and funding support from NIMH and the Simons Foundation, among others.

The Autism Center currently has two ongoing studies that offer participants full, no-cost evaluations:

  • Neuronal Correlates of Autism Traits in ADHD and Autism: Studying children aged 5 to 11 years old with ADHD or autism spectrum
    disorder (no formal diagnosis necessary)
  • Brain and Behavioral Changes Over Time in Young Children with Autism: Studying children aged 22 to 35 months old at first visit with autism
    spectrum disorder (no formal diagnosis necessary)

Our Team

Adriana Di Martino, MD

Research Director, Autism Center; Dr. John and Consuela Phelan Scholar; Senior Research Scientist

Child Mind Institute

Christina Duncan

Research Associate, Autism Center

Child Mind Institute

José O. A. Filho, MS

Neuroimaging Research Associate, Center for the Developing Brain

Child Mind Institute

Charissa Andreotti
Charissa Andreotti, PhD

Clinical Neuropsychologist/Clinical Manager, Healthy Brain Network

Child Mind Institute