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Care Area of Expertise

Learning and Development Center

We are dedicated to giving children with learning difficulties the tools and support they need to succeed in school. Our expert team of clinicians provides a range of services, from evaluations and testing, personalized education plans, school placement consultation, and skills interventions and remediation. We also provide specialized evaluations and treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder as well as speech and language challenges.

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Neuropsychological and Educational Evaluations: For students ages 5 to 25, our neuropsychologists spend roughly 10 hours with each student and their family, using up-to-date, standard measures to develop a profile of their learning strengths and weaknesses. We make a diagnosis, answer questions and develop guidelines for how to intervene.

Early Childhood Evaluations: For children ages 1 to 5, a neuropsychologist and a speech-language pathologist work together to assess all aspects of early development. This evaluation is completed in one day, including a brief report.

Speech-Language Evaluations: These include both structured and unstructured sets of questions and activities designed to assess various aspects of how a child understands, processes and uses speech and language.

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Feedback and Recommendations

Our evaluations always include a thorough, user-friendly report that documents the child’s diagnosis and offers prioritized recommendations. We stay in touch with families and follow up regularly to help them implement our recommendations. We work closely with a dedicated group of anxiety specialists, behavioral therapists, and child and adolescent psychiatrists who are on-site and available to provide additional services and treatment.

For parents: We share the information and data we gather and collaborate on a road map for successful learning.

For students: We meet with children to discuss the results and follow up with letters to document their strengths and areas of struggle.

For educators: We offer consultations with schools to debrief on the results and establish a practical and effective plan to help each student succeed.

Learning Disability Service

Our clinicians are trained in writing, math and reading remediation interventions, and can provide remediation individually and in small groups. We offer organizational skills training that focuses on starting tasks and working through them, and establishing homework routines. We also provide tutoring on content areas, strategic approaches to learning new information, and remediation on particular skillsets.

For children with severe symptoms or families traveling long distances for treatment, we offer intensive learning treatment tailored to a child’s specific educational and learning needs.

Depending on the need, this option allows a child and his parents to be seen for several hours a day, several days a week.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Service

Our clinicians are trained to administer the gold standard of diagnostic tools, the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). We provide parent training and behavior therapy to facilitate social and executive skills and to address oppositional behavior and partner with a community of experts for additional support.

Speech-Language Service

We offer speech and language services for children from age one through adolescence including individual therapy, parent training to facilitate language development in children who are late talkers or stuttering, interventions to promote social communication and pragmatics, and treatment for motor speech disorders.

Educational Placement Services

With a careful review and consultation, we can provide recommendations about appropriate school placements for your child as well as assisting in the application process.

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