Trauma and Resilience Service

Children can be traumatized when they are exposed to a very disturbing experience — violence, a serious accident, a natural disaster, abuse or neglect. While most people are able to recover over time, a child who is traumatized may need help understanding the experience, getting past it, and restoring his sense of well-being.

The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to prevention and early intervention in all areas of child and adolescent mental health. While we cannot always avert traumatic events, we can offer educational programs and information so that parents and teachers know how to respond to stressors when they occur. Traumatic reactions can be avoided if parents and teachers can immediately begin helping a child cope in ways that are healthy. We can also help by providing evidence-based treatment for children who exhibit difficulty recovering and develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. We provide treatment both here in our offices and in children’s schools.

The Trauma and Resilience Service helps by:

  • Disseminating manuals and guidelines about helping traumatized children
  • Addressing disturbing events and educating the public through media outreach
  • Educating parents and teachers about how to facilitate recovery
  • Providing treatment to alleviate symptoms of distress post-trauma exposure

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To request a Trauma and Resilience Service consultation from the Child Mind Institute, please contact Rebecca Fleischman at (646) 625-4227 or email

Our Team

Jamie M. Howard, PhD
Jamie M. Howard, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Disorders Center, Director, Trauma and Resilience Service

Child Mind Institute

Janine Domingues, PhD
Janine Domingues, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute

Amanda G. Mintzer, PsyD
Amanda G. Mintzer, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Disorders Center

Child Mind Institute