Will my child grow out of it?
Parents often wait to seek professional help because they assume a child is just being shy or will outgrow her fear. Unfortunately, social anxiety disorder rarely disappears if left untreated, and it often leads to social isolation, chronic anxiety and depression.

Do drugs help?
Yes, SSRIs can be used to successfully combat anxiety and make cognitive-behavioral therapy more effective. Beta-blockers may also be prescribed to treat the physical symptoms of fear, such as palpitations and nausea.

What causes it?
Experts are unsure about the root causes of social anxiety disorder, but it seems to have both genetic and environmental causes. People with social anxiety disorder often have heightened fear responses.

Should I avoid situations that stress my child?
Avoiding stressful situations will often make your child’s anxiety and nervous anticipation even worse. Anxiety and stress are a normal part of life, and your child will benefit from learning how to manage her response.

Has my child been traumatized?
Children who have developed post-traumatic stress disorder may be more susceptible to social anxiety disorder. However, there is no direct relationship to trauma, and many diagnosed will have never experienced a seriously disturbing event.