Social Communication Disorder: What to Look For

If a child has a firm grasp of many communication and linguistic skills, but seems to have a hard time applying them in the context of certain social situations, it’s possible that she may have SCD. A delay in reaching language milestones and low interest in social interactions are signs of SCD. If a child rarely initiates social interaction with others, or responds very minimally or abnormally when social overtures are made toward her, it could be a sign of the disorder. This disorder can impair a child’s ability to comprehend—and display comprehension of—concepts such as narratives, conversations, and lengthier expositions, and to respond appropriately to different social situations. The problems associated with SCD are distinct from more general deficits associated with disturbances in cognitive ability. SCD affects all different types of verbal and nonverbal communication: spoken, written, gesture, and even sign language.