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May Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Fitness

About the Campaign

On the eve of the Paris Olympics, world-class athletes join us for the Mental Health Fitness campaign to acknowledge the importance of prioritizing mental as well as physical well-being. In a series of personal videos and interviews, they share how they’ve been able to face their own mental health challenges — and provide pointers on how to combine fitness with core mental health skill-building techniques. One crucial message: Asking for support when you need it is a key part of maintaining your #MentalHealthFitness.

Video Library

Featuring new athletes throughout Mental Health Awareness Month. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when we release our next video.

Mental Health Fitness

Helping kids build mental health skills is as important as making sure they are physically fit. Our tip sheets offer ways to cultivate skills that nurture emotional well-being in children so they develop into strong, confident adults.

For Elementary School Kids

Learning how to notice, label, and express their feelings helps children be able to manage their emotions in appropriate ways.


For Middle School Kids

Middle schoolers need to know it’s okay to feel all emotions, including those that are uncomfortable, then learn skills to help handle them.


For High School Kids

Adolescence is an exciting time that also comes with confusing and big emotions. These tips will help teens to feel more in control and make better choices.


Past Campaigns

Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

Discover more resources to support kids’ mental health, cope with challenges, and get them help when needed.