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What to Do While Waiting to Get Treatment

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When your child is struggling, finding yourself on the waitlist to see a clinician can be extremely frustrating. But you’re not without options. There are steps you can take at home to help yourself and your child feel better prepared for the appointment. Focusing on getting informed, building skills, and bolstering self-esteem can make the wait less stressful and more productive. 

Here are some suggestions to help families make the most of the wait, whatever challenges you’re coping with. 

Learning Differences 

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids With Learning Disabilities 

Kids who learn differently often struggle with low self-esteem. Here’s how parents can help.

Help for Kids Struggling With Learning 

School specialists like tutors, coaches, and homework helpers can make a big difference. 

7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child 

Giving your child’s teacher a heads-up about their learning style and needs can help smooth the way.  

Anxiety and Avoidance 

What Are the Signs of Anxiety

How to recognize anxiety in kids. 

What are the Different Kinds of Anxiety? 

How to spot the signs of a disorder, and what parents can do to help.

Tips for Calming Anxious Kids 

Helping children calm down and manage fears.

ADHD and Attention Problems 

Is it ADHD or Immaturity? 

How to get the right diagnosis for a young child. 

Strategies to Help Homework Go More Smoothly 

Planning and preparation can make homework more manageable.

School Success Kit for Kids With ADHD 

Giving your child the tools they need to succeed can make all the difference.

Behavior Problems 

Common Causes of Behavior Problems in Kids 

Understanding why kids act out is the first step to finding solutions.

How Can We Help Kids With Self-Regulation? 

Helping children gain the skills they need to manage big feelings without acting out.

Managing Problem Behavior at Home 

A guide to more confident, consistent and effective parenting.


What to Do if You Think Your Teenager Is Depressed

Tips for how to support kids who are struggling.

Treatment for Depression

What parents need to know about therapy, medication and finding a good clinician.

What to Do if You’re Worried About Suicide

What parents can do to help kids in severe distress.

Speech and Language 

Helping Toddlers Expand Their Language Skills 

Tips for helping kids learn to express themselves. 

Inside an Evaluation for Learning Disorders 

What does a speech and learning evaluation look like? 

Learning Disability Diagnosis and English Language Learners 
How parents can help kids get the right support. 

Sensory Processing Issues 

School Success Kits for Kids with Sensory Processing Issues 

Tips for helping kids with sensory processing issues. 

How Can We Help Kids with Transitions? 

Helping kids change gears without stress. 

Tips for Going Places With Sensory-Challenged Kids 

Planning activities that maximize fun and minimize meltdowns. 

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This article was last reviewed or updated on October 6, 2021.