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Autism Clinical Center

Home and Community Services

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and developmental disabilities sometimes need support outside of the office.  Our Autism Center offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to support those children in their home and community settings.

ABA is the most widely accepted evidence-based autism therapy, supported by hundreds of studies. In ABA, clinicians observe a child’s behaviors closely and work with them to enable learning and growth. ABA has been shown to help autistic children develop needed skills and minimize undesired behaviors, and it has been shown to be successful for kids across the autism spectrum, from mild to severe.

ABA can be performed at home or at school. Our team develops an individualized treatment plan including therapy goals for each child.  Examples of therapy goals include social skills, self-care (e.g. dressing and grooming), communication and language, play, motor abilities, and academic skills. The clinician will meet with the family to discuss the duration and frequency of sessions, settings where intervention is performed, and how progress will be monitored.

Additionally, treatment can include several different individuals including parents, caregivers, teachers, extended family and other providers. We want children to make gains in settings where they live and learn and with those they interact with every day, in order to be able to lead happier and healthier lives.