Support for Military Families

We are committed to helping the families of current and former service members.

The Child Mind Institute is committed to supporting our troops and their families by addressing the unique needs of current and former U.S. military parents and their children.

We assist military families in several ways:

  • Helping current and former service members and their spouses thrive in their roles as parents
  • Helping kids in need get the kind of care that will benefit them
  • Connecting families to important resources that address issues specific to military life, including preparing for and coping with deployment
  • Bringing the experiences of military families to the attention of the general public and giving visibility to their unique challenges

Children in military families have a host of experiences that most civilian kids don’t have. Some of these experiences are very positive (Your parent is incredibly brave! Your family is tough and resilient!) but some of the experiences military kids go through are very stressful and difficult to adapt to. Things like:

  • Parent deployment
  • Family mobility and school changes
  • Exposure to war and violence
  • Injury and bereavement

Although children are resilient, cumulative stress can lead some kids to have emotional and behavioral difficulties that interfere with their ability to do well at school, make and maintain friendships, and play and enjoy their lives as children and teens. Read some of our articles written for military families or explore a curated list of other helpful resources.

In addition to our online resources for military parents, the Child Mind Institute’s Trauma and Resilience Service offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and families who are having difficulties related to trauma exposure or readjustment to life at home and exposure to military stress. Our clinical team has particular experience working with military families and is uniquely positioned to offer military-sensitive treatment.

Through our clinical care and our parent resources we aim to be a source for information and support to the military families to whom we all owe so much.


The Child Mind Institute’s online resources for U.S. military families are made possible through the generous support of the Grieve Family Stress and Resilience Fund. The Grieve Family Stress and Resilience Fund was established to honor the memory of Florence “Flo” Brogan Grieve and help bring compassionate, evidence-based mental health care to children of parents who are serving or have served in the U.S. armed forces.