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Mood Disorders Center

Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy | New York

A 26-week, evidence-based intervention for teens, college students and young adults to help them increase social connectedness and flexibility.

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About the Program

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) program is a state-of-the-art, evidence-based behavioral treatment for individuals who cope with their emotions by exercising excessive self-control. While many individuals value their ability to exert self-control, a growing body of research suggests that too much control can create impairments in functioning, especially when it comes to social relationships. 

The program is a 26-week, evidence-based intervention for teens, college students and young adults to help them increase social connectedness and flexibility. 

Program Benefits 

  • Increase self-awareness and ability to recognize and adopt alternative points of view 
  • Decrease inhibited and disingenuous emotional expression 
  • Reduce hyper-detailed focused and overly cautious behavior 
  • Address and loosen rigid and rule-governed behavior 
  • Decrease aloof and distant styles of relating 
  • Decrease high social comparison and envy/bitterness 


RO-DBT at the Child Mind Institute is for teens and young adults who have:

  • Rigid, rule-governed behavior (including restrictive eating) 
  • Trouble making and/or deepening current friendships 
  • Perfectionism, disciplined behavior, and a hyper-focus on achievement 
  • A tendency to hide or avoid experiencing and expressing emotions 
  • Issues with intimacy and connectedness 
  • Self-injurious and/or suicidal behaviors 
  • Depression and/or anxiety, especially when these issues are not resolved with therapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 


  • 26-session treatment cycle 
  • 90 minutes each session 
  • Patients learn core RO-DBT skills in a class format with other individuals of similar ages and goals
  • Current CMI Patients: Will participate in a pre-screening assessment with treatment recommendations.  
  • Patients New to CMI: The program is open to new patients with an outside therapist; these patients will participate in a pre-screening assessment with treatment recommendations. Full diagnostic evaluations are available for those who wish to also receive individual therapy or other services at CMI.  


College/Young Adult, Ages 18 – 24

  • Fridays, January 6, 2022 – June 23, 2023  
  • 2 pm – 3:30 pm 
  • One session per week 

Teens, Ages 14 – 17

  • January – June,  Day of week to be determined  
  • 5 pm – 6:30 pm 
  • One session per week


  • May be held in person at CMI Midtown or remote via Zoom 

Additional Information 

  • Program participants must also be seen in individual therapy. Providers outside of CMI are allowed.  
  • Our clinicians meet regularly as a consultation team to support one another and think creatively about the best ways to help young people and their families.  
  • Treatment may be accompanied by medication management as needed.  
  • A minimum of 5 participants is required.    
  • Separate RO-DBT parent consultation is available.  
  • Open to remote participants based in NY, NJ and CT. 

Program Cost: $250 per session (26 sessions, 90 min each, total program fee: $6,500)  

Pre-screening Assessment Cost: $900 (includes below)* 

  • Evaluation of symptoms (1 hour) 
  • Feedback appointment (30 min) 
  • Outside provider diagnostic review (15 min) 

Questions: Isabelle Orlan isabelle.orlan@childmind.org 

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