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James Durbin Releases First Single, a Rousing Anthem

August 30, 2011

If you’re still rooting for James Durbin, the American Idol rocker who last spring became a fan favorite and a hero to the Asperger’s and Tourette’s communities, here’s something to cheer about.

Durbin’s first single, “Stand Up,” is out, on a compilation EP OfficialGameday Music of the NFL, Vol. 2, aimed at firing up stadium crowds throughout the season. And at least one metal critic finds it up to the task, and more:

“Thunderous, chunky rhythms propel the song and Durbin’s got total control over that wild voice of his!” writes Amy Sciarretto on Loudwire. “It’s a big, bold, riff-fattened anthem, steered down the fast track by the Durb’s high pitched wail.”

Sciarretto predicts that the single, which is already the most popular of the five songs on iTunes, will be not only be a winner with NFL fans, but will help propel Durbin’s debut album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, to be released November 21. “Durbin’s rock ‘n’ roll career is a powder keg and it’s ready to blow, courtesy of ‘Stand Up.’”‘

Durbin, the Season 10 fourth-place finisher, tweeted that the title “means looking back on events in my life, to see the beauty in the pain.” The 22-year-old Santa Cruz native, who has both Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndromes, is clearly referring to the years of bullying he endured, only to be followed by unemployment, before his triumphant turn on Idol. His stirring personal story, along with his talent, showmanship and touching emotion, endeared him especially to the special-needs community.

Coincidentally, Durbin will share his November 21st release date with Season 5’s fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry, pitting Memories against the band Daughtry’s third release, Break the Spell.

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