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Ryan Gosling Strips for Special Needs

February 9, 2012

Lately mental health issues have been even more divisive than usual. People are arguing about what is and isn’t a disorder, how disorders are caused and whether popular medications are actually effective. As usual, families are on the front lines of these conversations, and it must be difficult to have the extremely personal issue of your child’s mental health being tossed around for public debate. But families, take heart: Ryan Gosling is on your side. And he isn’t wearing a shirt.

Enter Sunday Stillwell, a special needs mom who’s seen it all and, luckily for us, has a sense of humor about it. Stillwell created the fantastic Special Needs Ryan Gosling meme, inspired by all the other Gosling memes out there. Through thick and thin, through sensory issues, IEPs, and interminable phone calls with the insurance company, Stillwell wants you to know that Ryan Gosling admires all your hard work and devotion, and he’s happy to tell you himself, while gazing moodily off into space, or sitting suavely at the bar, or eating his morning Wheaties. Check out Stillwell’s handiwork over at her blog Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.

Tagged with: Mental Health, Pop Culture