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How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

November 21, 2023

Talking to your child’s teacher can feel a bit daunting. You want to set the stage for a positive relationship, but you also want to advocate for your child – especially if they have a learning disorder. When is it okay to reach out to a teacher, and how often should you check in? What kinds of information is it appropriate to share, and what kinds of questions should you be asking them?

This week on, we have advice for how to work well with your child’s teacher, including tips for navigating disagreements and maintaining a robust line of communication throughout the school year. We have guides for seeking school resources when kids need extra support, and ideas about what to do if your child is having trouble with their teacher. We also offer insight into why some kids act differently in school than they do at home – and how you can work with teachers to help bridge the gap.

– Molly Hagan, Staff Writer | 

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