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Big Data and Open Science

A New Model for Data Collection and Analysis

Advancing our understanding of the developing brain requires innovative, game-changing data collection and neuroscientific analysis.

The Child Mind Institute’s science initiatives are hands-on when it comes to accelerating the pace of discovery, whether it’s expanding our research partnerships across the ocean or taking a closer look at children and families in our own backyard.

The Healthy Brain Network’s mobile research units take cutting-edge technologies out of the lab and into communities to collect data, and to address the needs of children who may otherwise not have access to care. And interacting with diverse populations away from university medical centers gives us a more accurate picture of mental health disorders, which may one day lead to new treatments, new diagnostic tools and new approaches to prevention.

Teams in our Center for the Developing Brain work every day on new analytic methods and computer-based approaches to study the developing brain—and to  share these tools and the data we’re producing with the world.

From game-changing mobile data collection models to acquisition protocols that will allow far-flung teams to collaborate, we’re showing the research community that the future of developmental neuroscience and transforming children’s lives starts now.