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Help Your Child Handle Big Emotions

Registration is now open! Please complete this interest form and our team will contact you. This program is offered in New York and California.

About the Emotion Detectives Group

The Emotion Detectives Group teaches children emotional awareness and practical strategies for coping with uncomfortable emotions in a variety of situations. In a supportive and fun group environment, kids learn to understand, manage, and face the thoughts, body sensations, and behaviors that contribute to strong emotions.

Summer 5-Day Intensive - NY

Summer 5-Day Intensive - NY

  • Dates: Monday, August 5 – Friday, August 9, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm ET
  • Ages: 8 – 12 years old
  • Location: Child Mind Institute, NYC
  • Cost: $3,500
  • Parent Training:5 hours (time TBD based on parent availability)
Fall Program Dates - NY & San Mateo

Fall Program Dates - NY & San Mateo

  • Dates: Wednesdays from September 11 – December 4, 2024 (12 child sessions, skipping Thanksgiving week)
  • Time: 5:00 – 6:00pm ET / 5:00 – 6:00pm PT
  • Ages: 8 – 12 years old
  • Location: Child Mind Institute, NYC / Child Mind Institute, San Mateo
  • Cost: $3,000
  • Parent Training: Every other Wednesday from September 11 – November 20, 2024 (6 parent sessions, same time as child sessions)
Who Would Benefit From Emotion Detectives?

Who Would Benefit From Emotion Detectives?

The Emotion Detectives Group is appropriate for children who are experiencing difficulties managing a variety of emotions, including fear, worry, sadness, and anger.

We treat children who:

  • Feel anxious before a test or presentation
  • Get nervous about something they have experienced (e.g., the news, a scary movie)
  • Avoid things that are gross or that could have germs
  • Feel that they are not good at anything or others don’t like them
  • Get upset when they lose (sports, board games, video games)

What to Expect

Kids will learn about what emotions are and what they do for us, and they will practice ways to understand and accept their emotions in order to reduce any problematic emotion-based behaviors. Parents and caregivers will also learn strategies to support their children in effectively coping with uncomfortable emotions. Research shows that practicing and refining these skills in a group setting is effective in creating positive change.

We meet individually with each participant prior to the start of the group to determine if they are the right fit and to identify specific areas of concern. In addition to group-focused activities, we are able to provide individualized interventions tailored to the specific needs of each child.

Cancellation Policy

If a child cannot attend and we are notified at least 7 days prior to the start date of the program we will issue a refund, excluding a $300 non-refundable deposit for administrative fees. At the time of registration full payment is required to reserve a space. If less than 7 days notification is given, no refund will be provided.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Ready to Get Started?

Registration is now open! Please complete this interest form and our team will contact you. This program is offered in New York and California.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

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